Trees With Mouths Wide Open

The trees outside my window were singing. Everything looked loud like a wind going through them but I don’t remember the sounds. They kept moving back and forth like they were going to fall and if they did then the house would fall down too. It was dark and hot in my room, so I opened the window. I couldn’t see the tops, just all the trees without leaves going up forever. Then I got scared because there was nothing outside except for the trees singing quiet with their black mouths getting big and small and I thought the world had gone into them.

They were hard to draw and I got mad because I could only use the black and brown crayons. Mommy said what are you drawing and I said they’re trees with mouths wide open don’t you remember they were singing last night and she said no because I was sleeping. I said you couldn’t hear them. She said then how do you know they were singing?

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