J. Motoki is a speculative writer who lives in Colorado with her husband and two cats. She is the short story editor of Coffin Bell, the Strange editor of Rune Bear, and a shushing library clerk at a high school. Find her on Twitter @J_Motoki.


The Fox Witch (“Potions and Poisons” Volume 40— Luna Station Quarterly — December 2019)

Prisoner of War Number One (“What If” Volume 1 — Black Hare Press — November 2019)

Caution Radiation Area (“Apocalypse” — Black Hare Press — December 2019)

Fever of the Wendigo (Haunted MTL/Czykmate Productions — September 2019)

Peterel and the Terrible Head (Enchanted Conversation Magazine — August 2019)

Gods of Rags (“Cosmic Horror” —  Other Stories Podcast/Hawk & Cleaver — August 2019)

Headmoths (“Dark Moments” — Black Hare Press — August 2019)

The Witch’s Familiar (“Curses & Cauldrons” Volume 1 – Blood Song Books – August 2019)

Daily Tally (Rue Scribe — January 2018)

Directions After Death (“Immortals” Volume 1 — Coffin Bell — October 2018)

Nominated for The Best Small Fictions 2019

Hydra (Rune Bear — August 2018)

Like Flies, Like Lights (Nowhere Ink — May 2018)


You can read her older works HERE